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Choosing a therapist can be a challenging task.  I firmly believe that clients are the expert on what best fits their needs within the therapeutic relationship. Take a look at some answers to the most frequently asked psychology-related questions and requests below.

Couples Therapy

How long does each therapy session take?

The initial intake session is 90 minutes.  This allows us ample time to focus on reviewing all the relevant information regarding what brought you to seek out therapy.  Follow up appointments are typically 60 minutes with the option for 30 minute sessions.

Therapist and Patient

Do you accept insurance?

Southern Arizona Counseling does not currently accept insurance but a superbill can be provided if your insurance offers reimbursement for out of network providers.

Therapy Office

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes.  There are a limited number of slots reserved for clients requiring reduced session rates.  Please let us know if this is something you're needing more information about.

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